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Guide dogs are the working dogs that guide the safety of vision and disabled people. It is an important helper for the visually impaired to overcome obstacles, get out of the house and integrate into the society. Developing guide dogs is an important part of the work of disabled people and an important symbol of the progress of social civilization.

According to statistics, there are 17 million blind people in the country. The international guide dogs association standard, the number of blind people who use guide dogs is more than 1% of the blind. In other words, China needs 170,000 guide dogs, and more than 7,000 guide dogs are needed in guangdong alone. Currently, there are only 1 guide dogs in guangzhou. There are fewer than 200 guide dogs serving in the country. The demand gap is very large.

In recent years, we can see the country to the development of the cause of the guide dog is very seriously, according to Taiwan on June 28, 2012, in the barrier-free environment construction of the People's Republic of China regulations make clear a regulation, article 16 of vision with guide dogs for the disabled access public places shall abide by the relevant provisions of the state, public staff shall provide barrier-free service in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. In addition, the guide dog work has been included in the construction of the 13th five-year plan.

On October 17, 2016, the China blind association also held the national standard seminar for guiding blind dogs.

"South China guide dogs demonstration base" is the only company specializing in southern China guide dogs, a nonprofit institutions, professional training seeing-eye dog after qualified through training, will be free to need often travel on the journey for the visually impaired. LvShiMing base was set up after made a special trip to the China disabled persons' federation, vice chairman and standing vice-chairman of China association of the blind LiQingZhong to do the work report, to our development guide dogs, chairman of the two career and future planning to give the full affirmation and encouragement.

[Guangzhou Haizhu Saibeidou Guide Dog Service Development center] is association for the blind and the provinces and cities in China disabled persons' federation at all levels and the association of the blind, under the advocacy of the guangzhou FengHao industrial development co., LTD., wholly owned contributions of the first issue, in guangzhou zhuhai "Yajisha Island" was formally established.

In October 2015, the reform commission of the development and reform commission of guangzhou made a record.

In April 2016, a volunteer team of the southern demonstration base of China guide dog was established.

In June 2016, under the guidance of guangzhou federation of disabled people, the non-enterprise unit of the civil affairs office was officially registered: Guangzhou Haizhu Saibeidou Guide Dog Service Development center.

On October 17, 2016, at the invitation of the China blind association, I participated in the national standard seminar on the establishment of work steering committee of China guide dogs and guide dogs.

On April 27, 2017, south China agricultural university, formally awarded achievements transformation of science and technology demonstration bases, and industry-university-institute cooperation agreement, in animal science, veterinary administration and public management field to build seeing-eye dog welfare between colleges, through the guide dog blood DNA and the establishment of the sperm bank, seeing-eye dog health care and services to the users and management form of professional standards.

In June, 2017, I became a member of China working dog management association.

"Yajisha Island" is located in the pearl river channel of guangzhou, the island of south pearl river in haizhu district. The island is surrounded by water, and the island has beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. North is the pearl river channel, ferry to and from 3 minutes, the island is very convenient; To the south, the pearl river is the main channel, and the audience is divided by the flow of human resources, the sailing shuttle and the fishing light, and the island can overlook the waters of sanjiang river, the wind of the river, and the scenery of the heart and soul. The geographical and natural environment is one of the few islands in guangzhou. "Yajisha Island" is a very advantageous geographical conditions, had is a natural barrier, barking dogs don't need to worry about noisy to citizens, also do not need to worry about prevention, the sound of the traffic on the bridge across the base of the bun sand, is a natural voice traffic guide dog training required.

Currently, there are 11 pups in the base, 3 breeds, and 10 puppies in the training reserve, 24 of them.
According to our plan, the first batch of qualified guide dogs can be put into service at the end of 2017.

1. By the end of 2018, there will be 10 guide dogs that will be eligible for the job, and then increase the number of them each year to solve more problems of blind travel.
2. Every year there will be a number of unsuccessful seeing-eye dog dog, we will be training designed to be service dogs, such as guide dogs, mutilation assistance dog, lonely children and elderly gentleman with a dog, etc., can be a greater service to the society, there are 11 dogs were selected to kunming, the ministry of public security police as a police dog training base.
3. The base can receive 30, 000 students and business groups every year.

1. Since the establishment of the base, through our knowledge of guide dog education and publicity and media reports, our volunteers have reached more than 500 people, and the volunteers foster 20 families. The volunteers included both internal and external enthusiasts, school groups, enthusiastic enterprises and media. In total, we have participated in nearly 200 kinds of publicity activities, and media reports have been reported more than 50 times.

2. Part activity review

Invited by guangzhou blind association, participated in the 6th guangdong blind poetry recitation and the second blind prose creation contest award ceremony

Guangzhou baiyun wanda plaza propagandize foster home promotion activity

Guangzhou jinbi primary school guide dog knowledge popularization education

2017 Lantern Festival base Open Day and excellent volunteer award

3. Links to media reports
2016-07-22 GZTV station "the most street" program guide dog base interview
2017-04-23 Information times A14-A15 guide dog project
2017-04-24 Guide dog bus training for guide dog
2017-04-29 TVS2 Today's latest news training comes to le peak square
2017-06-14 Nanfang Daily
2017-06-24 GDZJ Day in guangdong

As a guide to the international major of guide dogs, the base will regularly engage in technical communication activities with guide dogs from all parts of the country, Hong Kong and the United States and Canada.

In April 2016, Jiang Dan, the only teacher of international guide dog training, went to the base for guidance

From September to December 2016, I was the first international certified guide dog user and the blind person's independent living ability training instructor LianQin

In March 2017, Mr. Zhang WeiMin, chairman of the Hong Kong guide dog service center and a tutor of international certified guide dog trainers, went to the base for communication and guidance

On April 20, 2017, chairman of the base Bill Ho Seeing-eye dog service center in Hong Kong the first indigenous culture "seeing-eye dog the trainer graduated and local breed first guide dog" press conference, learning and communication

On April 27, 2017, south China agricultural university officially awarded the demonstration base of scientific and technological achievements and signed the cooperation agreement on production and research

In May 2017, Mr. Wang ChunSun, advisor of the guide dog school of the guide dog school of Canada, came to the base for exchange and guidance, and reached a long-term exchange and interaction intention

On May 18, 2017, he was invited by the guangzhou blind association to participate in the second south guangdong information barrier-free BBS, which was introduced by the chairman of the board of directors at the meeting

On May 19, 2017, Li QingZhong, executive vice President of the China blind association, visited the guiding work of the southern demonstration base of the guide dog of China and took pictures with the staff and volunteers of the base

Summed up

The guide dog career has a long way to go, so we are determined to make unremitting efforts to create a bright future for blind people. Our goal is to serve the whole province of this city, and radiate to the whole country on this basis, leading and leading the development of China's guide dog industry, setting up the industry benchmark and playing a demonstration role. We believe that with the attention and support of all sectors of society, disabled people will be able to do well. The successful implementation of this project will vigorously promote the development of philanthropy in China and more quickly and effectively serve people in need. Everyone's love, in the world of the visually impaired is a star. I hope that you can give your love without being stingy, so that blind friends can feel the beautiful starry sky.

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