For Interview

Interview process (Media / Student)

1. Telephone booking
Please call 020-8412 7777 or 136 5083 9381
Contact al qaeda deputy director TanYanZhou, communication interview intention, form.

2. Application for interview
Fill in the relevant application form and attach an interview outline to our email:

3. Determine the interview
The public management department shall implement the interview time, objects and procedures according to the base schedule.

4. Interview shooting
The interview day shall be conducted according to the proposed process of the two parties, and shall not impede the operation of the base and the interview of the staff of the base outside of any process. Any question, please contact the base department.

5. Document review
The content of the interview is related to the terminology or professional expression of the industry. The report should be reviewed by the department of public administration.

6. Published reports
Please inform the base department after the time of reporting.

7. Content collection
After the report, please send the report (including: video, manuscript, photo) to our email:;

We welcome the school and business groups to experience the perception of the visually impaired through close contact with guide dogs, and further understand the guide dogs. Please fill in and return the application form. We will arrange it as soon as possible.

Download 学生采访申请表.doc
Download 讲座申请表.doc

Thank you friend for a guide dog media attention, we are willing to share our experience and ideas, please fill out and back the application form, let us understand your needs to interview, we will contact with you immediately.

Download 媒体采访申请表.doc

Thank you for your love and support of guide dogs, in order to maintain the user privacy and the quality of life, if you need a guide dog, please fill out and back the application form, we will contact you after receiving.

Download 导盲犬拍摄申请表.docx

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