Guide Dog

The origin of the guide dog

One of the oldest examples of ancient documents is that in the first 100 years of the century, Germany had a blind king who had a guide dog that would lead the way.
In world war I, many soldiers were blinded by the gas, and they were able to return to society because of the help of these dogs.
Seeing-eye dog history can be traced back to the 18th century, in 1916, Germany's first guide dog training school, in 1923 set up a national guide dog training school, established in 1926 the global initial seeing-eye dog association. In January 1929, The Seeing Eye, America's first guide dog school, was founded in New Jersey.
The most commonly trained dog breeds are labradors, golden retrievers and German shepherds. A few use standard poodles. After nearly 20 years of evaluation and observation, the golden retriever and the labrador of hybrid breeding dogs (gold) took their cue from the advantages of the two breeds, so the current gold lala seeing-eye dog is also very common. At present, domestic guide dogs are labrador, golden retriever and golden lala.

Guide dog training

Puppy walker phase
When puppies are born, they will study "social life" in their foster home three months later. Wait, and learn to adapt to a variety of environments, until one and a half years old, back to the training center.

Boot training stage
Guided training of the guide dog is taken by the trainer. Generally speaking, it takes six to nine months to get the training.

Joint training stage
Applicants and arrange seeing-eye dog live together first, and by the instructor to guide how to care for dogs and bonding with guide dogs, I will arrange the next one to two months "common training", if both sides can be adjusted well held "graduation", after the instructor will continue to track coach.

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