Our Guide Dogs

Guide Dog, also known as “The Eyes of Blind”, is a specially trained dog to help the visually impaired. Upon completion of training by professional trainers, they can guide the users to move freely in their community by avoiding potential road hazards or obstacles, and taking the users to their destination safely and efficiently. In addition they serve as the companion of the users who would regain their confidence and dignity to be in touch with the community and live independently.

The breeds of the Guide Dog are usually Labrador, Golden Retrievers, or their cross breeds. They are gentle, friendly and non-aggressive. To be a successful Guide Dog, it must have the heart to serve. Other factors include health and willingness to work. A dog can be suspended from the program at any time for a number of reasons like health or behavioral problems.

Guide Dog puppies will stay with puppy walkers from the 45th days after birth. This is a training for adapting human and family daily routine. When the Guide Dogs reach their age of 1, they will start Guide Dog training for 6 to 9 months. Upon completion of training, they will match with Guide Dog applicants. On a successful match, Guide Dogs work for around 8 to 10 years. Retired Guide Dogs will stay with their users’ family or go back to their puppy walkers.

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