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On January 1, 2018, after a month of matching training with DORA, DORA finally got on the job. It's so smart, it's been only once in a lot of places, and you remember the way. I remember one time I came out of the shop and walked down a narrow lane. Suddenly there was a small car oncoming, DORA recognized the danger, immediately walk in front, help me stop the car, I am very moved, DORA should be so sweet. With the help of DORA, I can go out by myself and go to work after work. Even if I have to go to the branch office, DORA can accompany me.

As the first guangzhou local training seeing-eye dog, since DORA company, thanks to the relevant government departments, depends on the center of the guide dog promotion, more and more people to guide dogs have a correct understanding, bus, subway, shopping malls and other public places, more tolerance and accept, let me communicate with DORA is good to integrate with the outside world.

Guide dogs are we blind the eyes of friends, is a symbol of urban civilization and hopeful society people from all walks of life can be more understanding, more love, every a support will make more benefit for the visually impaired.

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