Direct donation instructions

The main source of funding for the centre is charity sale and voluntary contributions from the public. Income is not stable and it is difficult to cope with future expenditure. In line with the long-term development of the center of the goal, we will continue to increase in the number seeing-eye puppies, therefore need support from you or your organization, to long-term to maintain our service to benefit the visually impaired.

You can support the centre by making donations in the following ways:

Accepting donation account
Guangzhou jinbi branch of industrial and commercial bank of China:
360 2028 4092 0025 2063

Or through alipay and WeChat donations.

Receiving guide dog material donation instructions

To promote the development of the guangzhou seeing-eye dog work, Guangzhou Haizhu Saibeidou Guide Dog Service Development Center warm welcome and sincere for friendship donations from all walks of life guide dog related materials, donations after registering, will be Beijing, micro letter in the public, homepage donation bar be published in the "special thanks". The center for donations will be adhering to the principle of "make" properly handle, and according to the warehousing and issuing of donations, the actual situation of the decision, does not meet the standard of donations, I center will be in the right way to dispose, at the same time to accept donors for donations, use or disposal of the query. The categories of receiving donations are as follows:

I, Dog food
II, Guide dog overalls
III, Guide the saddle
IV, Leash
V, Medical supplies
VI, Cleaning products
VII, Guide dog trainer training for further education
VIII, Prepare dog puppies for support
IX, Other

Any group or person interested in providing donations may contact us by telephone, fax or E-mail.
Telephone, fax:020-8412 7777

Download Guide dog material donation registration form
Or Fill in the material donation registration form online

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